Meowy Monday – How Old is Old for a Cat?

Flossie, a partially blind and deaf tortie died recently in London at the age of almost 27 years. She held the Guinness World Book title of oldest living cat.

However, further research shows that there have been cats reported to have lived much longer than Flossie. Two of them belonged to the same person. I’d love to sit down with that cat owner and find out what he feeds his cats and how he cares for them to give them such longevity.

His two cats were Crème Puff, a tabby, who lived to be 38 years and 3 days old, and Granpa Rexs Allen, a  Sphinx-Devon-Rex male, who was over 34 when he died. Both cats were raised in Austin, TX.

So what is the secret to longevity for a cat? Isn’t that the burning question? Experts recommend keeping your cat indoors, spay/neuter, pay attention to the cat’s dental hygiene, keep the cat hydrated, feed quality food, watch her weight, visit the vet when called for and for health checks, provide healthy exercise and also mental stimulation. I’m pretty sure we’ll all agree that extreme longevity also has to do with genetics. There are some things beyond our control—but there are things we can control. Here’s more information about longevity in cats.

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