Paws Up for Wednesday – Make it a Happy Thanksgiving For Your Cat

Happy Thanksgiving tomorrow from the Klepto Cat and Calico Cat team to all of Rags’s and Olivia’s fans. Make sure you keep it safe for all of your pets.

Some of the dangers include an inside pet sneaking out with an unaware guest. Fluffy might not be able to trick you into letting her out, but a guest might not be as wary. You know how convincing those beautiful cat eyes can be.

Food is the star on Thanksgiving, and you love to share with your precious fur-kids, but know what you’re giving them before you start offering them scraps. Beware—onions and garlic are toxic to cats as is chocolate. Some other foods they might enjoy could cause them distress if consumed. It’s best to just open a can of turkey and giblet cat food for Fluffy and, of course, dog food for your canine kids.

Another danger at Thanksgiving is the centerpiece. We often decorate our dinner table with a flower arrangement. Keep in mind that many flowers are toxic to cats and there are cats that will try to sample pretty posies. Do some research and choose safe flowers. If someone brings you a bouquet with lilies in it, for example, or other toxic flowers, either remove those flowers and create a separate arrangement for out of doors or place the entire vase on your porch or patio.

Some guests come bearing gifts and some cats might want to chew on or eat the string or ribbon that’s wrapped around it. This can be dangerous to the cat’s health—and even deadly. Here are some tips for keeping your pets safe on this Thanksgiving day.



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