Meowy Monday – Halloween Cats

We see a lot of black cats associated with Halloween decorations—cats with pumpkins arching their back and appearing frightful, showing their teeth, and claws and we’ve heard of people harming cats this time of year.

So I’m going to remind us all to watch out for our own cats and those of others. Bring your cats in on Halloween so they are safe from dangers. It’s a busy night full of small goblins and maybe more cars up and down your street than usual. Cats can become frightened and confused and run away or find themselves injured.

For those of you with inside only cats, watch that they don’t slip out when the cute trick-or-treaters show up at the door. If you have a cat that rushes the door when the bell rings, maybe close her in another room for the duration of the trick-or-treating activity.

Keep your cat out of the candy. Whether you are simply handing out candy to neighboring children or your own children bring it in, make sure your cat stays out of it. Chocolate, for example, is toxic to cats. Some sugars in candy are unsafe for pets, and don’t let them ingest raisins. I had a cat that loved raisins. I found out later that I was putting her in danger by letting her have them. Now I don’t give my cats anything that isn’t strictly labeled “for cats” and I don’t bring a plant or flowers into my house without checking to see if it’s toxic to cats.

Think ahead and do what you can to keep your cat and other cats in your neighborhood safe this Halloween night.

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