Paws Up for Wednesday – Uncatlike Cats

Have you noticed that some of the cats that are supposed to be well-bred—those that win the highest awards in cat shows–tend to look very uncatlike. They’re so fluffy and furry that they look like a pillow rather than a cat or they’re so long and lean and angular that they barely resemble a cat—a Gumby cat, maybe. Here’s a site with pictures of recent cat show winners. See what you think:

Do you remember drawing cats as a child—or watching your own children or grandchildren draw cats? They might change the shape of a cat, use colors and patterns not typical to a cat. Well, breeders seem to be following this lead and creating cats in all colors, patterns, shapes, and fur types. Why? How can you improve on a cat? What’s wrong with the cat as it is? What’s the point of creating an animal that people have to look at twice or three times to determine for sure it’s a cat?


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  1. Betsy Pompi says:

    I think some of the problem is that these cats are just so groomed. What do they look like at home, just getting up in the morning? Are they always in a cage or are they cats at home when they’re not being shown? I would guess they look more like normal cats at home.

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