Feline Fun Friday – NEW Calico Cat Mystery

Olivia flaunts her superpowers.

Not only does the spunky calico join the crusade to help endangered cats, but she also lends a paw to others in need. No one knows what’s happening to the cats—why they’re disappearing, then showing up with dreadful injuries. The mystery baffles locals, so they call in Parker and Olivia. Along the way, Olivia engineers a method to keep a child from drowning, she very creatively causes a breakup then brings two people together, and she makes a medical diagnosis. Olivia’s crowning glory in this story is the part she plays in identifying the culprits who are harming the cats in a most bizarre scheme. She makes sure they’re caught and punished.


Reader Reviews

“Any book written by Patricia Fry is a sure keeper.”

“This series never disappoints.”

“These books are so very high on the enjoyment factor.”

“This is a phenomenal series.”

Available in both print and Kindle at Amazon.com

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