Feline Fun Friday – How to Get the Fire Department to Rescue Your Cat From a Tree

It’s common knowledge (or is it?) that your local fire department won’t come out simply to remove your cat from a tree. Some will under certain circumstances. Others will suggest that you call a tree trimming company or a company with a crane, and  I’m pretty sure they will charge you

But here’s a sure way to get help from the fire department when your kitty-cat is really stuck in a tree. At least this is how it worked for a young man in Indianapolis.

He climbed up into the tree to help the cat get down and he got stuck. Someone called the fire department and, of course, they came out to help the boy. In this case the cat was evidently incidental in the rescue.

Best case scenario, keep your cat inside. It’s healthier for the cat and the local bird population. If your cat loves the out of doors, build or buy him a catio.

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  1. Mary C McNeil says:

    A woman out walking her dog heard a cat yowling and , looking around, finally saw her about 80 feet up a pine tree. It was January and seasonably cold. She tried to coax tha cat down with cans of tuna, cat food, the usual ways. Nothing doing. So she called the fire department. Nope. She called Animal Control. Nope. She called the local SPCA. Nope. The next day there were near-blizzard conditions. She called the local small-town paper. The next day the story about the kitty appeared on page one below the fold. I read it while at work that morning and called her to say I would be over after I got off at noon with catfood and treats. She thanked me but explained it hadn’t worked yet.
    When I arrived at her house after work, she happily reported the cat was down and in a box in her house(she couldn’t keep it because of family allergies). The owner of a local tree sevice had read the story, come over, climbed the tree and got the cat down. A picture of her and the kitty – an adult female torby who, it turned out, had been spayed-ran in the paper, but only one person called to say she had fed the cat occasionally as a stray, so after a vet check she became part of our family. She lost half of one ear to frostbite and shows occasional signs of PTSD but otherwise she is a lovely girl.
    So get some publicity that attracts someone who can climb the tree and bring down the cat themselves. (And don’t hesitate to point out who all was not available to help.)

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