Paws Up for Wednesday—Black Cat Appreciation Day

Today is Black Cat Appreciation Day. Why do we need to be reminded to appreciate black cats? I think we all know that black cats and kittens are generally the last to be adopted and they come with a reputation for bringing bad luck. Black cats are portrayed at Halloween and in many popular movies and animated films as villains. And if you don’t think this has scarred the reputation of the black cat, you have another think coming.

You should also know that, in some cultures, black cats are thought to bring good luck. Sailors often took black cats with them on their boats to assure a good fishing trip. Some say that a black cat visiting your property is a sign of good luck and prosperity. As an aside, there was a time when we’d suddenly discover evidence of a gopher in our yard. Soon after, a black cat would show up. It wasn’t long before the black cat and the gopher were both gone. This occurred several times over many years almost like clockwork and we never knew where that black cat came from.

Black is beautiful in many breeds. It may surprise you to know that there are actually 22 breeds of cat that include black cats. In Japan there’s a cat café dedicated to black cats. The owners encourage guests to come in and familiarize themselves with the allure and beauty of black cats.

My favorite black cat, aside from the gopher hunter, was my grand-cat, Brucie—a Munchkin. What a delight.

I know an artist who has a houseful (and a heart-full) of black cats. I notice in pictures that they wear collars of different

colors—probably so she can tell one from the other.

What is your assignment for Black Cat Appreciation Day? If you know a black cat, honor it today. If you’ve seen one roaming your neighborhood seeking shelter and food, be proactive on the cat’s behalf. At the very least read a book or a short story featuring a black cat, and at the most—you know the drill—adopt a black cat. There are plenty of kittens out there. A cat rescue friend of mine wrote at her facebook page recently that in her 20-some years running her shelter she has never seen so many kittens as she’s seeing this year.

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2 Responses to Paws Up for Wednesday—Black Cat Appreciation Day

  1. Nettie says:

    The note about the higher number of stray kittens is discouraging news. I am always hoping that the TNR programs now in place are helping to bring the overpopulation of cats under control. The exasperating fact that lack of human responsibility to their pets causes so much of the problem just adds to the sadness I feel. I do what little I can to support efforts to help all stray animals (especially cats of course) both locally, nationally, & even internationally. Unfortunately my funds are limited, but at least I can say that my black “ninja” male cat Sylvester enjoys being the King of his Castle!

    • Patricia says:

      So well said, Nettie, and I feel your pain. I remember a time when I feared the new spay/neuter programs would cause the extinction of kittens and cats. It’s hard to believe cats are in even worse trouble that before. Yes, lack of human responsibility for sure. While we are stepping up in amazing numbers, there are still way too many people disrespecting those efforts and the cats. Yes, at least we can love and care for the cats we’ve rescued. Thank you for doing your part. Patricia

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