Meowy Monday – How Cordial is Your Cat?

We just returned from a rare ten-day trip. It’s the first time we’ve left Olivia for more than one night and it’s also the longest we’ve ever left Sophie. So how did they greet us when we walked in the door after all that time? You guessed it, with a cold shoulder. They were snooty and snotty and aloof.

It’s not like we abandoned them. They had cat sitters who came in twice a day to take care of their needs and to play with them each morning and evening. We were pleased to receive reports and pictures of the cats interacting with the caretakers as we traveled. We even returned to a clean house and well-fed and relaxed cats, but where was our greeting?

While we were geared up to spend our first hour or so back home petting and scratching and playing with Olivia and Sophie, they preferred a game of hide and seek. They wanted no part of us. In fact we felt as though we’d been given a time-out. Does this happen at your house? Do your cats ignore you—shun you, after you’ve been gone?

It took Olivia about thirty minutes to even show her face, then I got the stare. Finally, she plopped down next to me on the sofa and that’s when I received the lovely welcome home I’d hoped for. It was sweet. She was so affectionate and loving, and she has been ever since. I’m loving it, but it’s difficult to get anything done, as you can imagine. Olivia wants all of my time.

Sophie has also come around and is allowing us to pet her, but you should see the look on their furry faces when I pick up my purse and head toward the door to run an errand or walk up to the grocery store. It tugs at my heart strings.

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