Meowy Monday – Snap, Crackle, Pop and Cats

It’s not that cats hate noise—they’re purrfectly fine with it as long as it’s of their own making. Cats meow when they want something or are complaining about something. They might bang on the blinds to get your attention—oh the clatter, and some of their toys are noisy, but what they don’t like are sounds they don’t expect. They especially dislike loud noises like the booms, pops, and crackling that come from fireworks. In my experience cats aren’t quite as upset by fireworks as dogs are, especially when their trusted human is close by and not reacting to the sounds.

If you aren’t sure how your cat will react or you know that fireworks scare her there are pheromone sprays you can use in the home. Rescue Remedy might soothe her. You might also keep your TV on during a nearby fireworks display or if someone in your neighborhood is setting them off. Provide hidey places inside your home for a cat who likes to hunker down when frightened. And stay home and stay calm yourself. This can go a long way in keeping a cat calm in any potentially upsetting situations.

Have a safe and quiet holiday.

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