Feline Fun Friday – How Does Your Cat Stay Cool?

It’s been hot here and in many other parts of the US. What does that mean for your cat? If she’s an indoor cat, she probably has the luxury of some sort of cooling system, and if she’s like most cats, she’ll take advantage of it. If you want to coolest spot in the house, you’ll have to move the cat. We had a Himalayan once who sat right in front of a window cooler on hot days, her fur blowing in all directions. She loved her spot next to the cooler.

Olivia tends to sprawl on a hot day. You know how a cat will curl up to stay warm and stretch out or sprawl in an attempt to cool herself. I love it when she lies on her back with that glorious floofy tummy showing.

Our white odd-eye cat, Winfield, used to use water to cool down. He’d play in the water, splash it, and drink a lot of it—with his paw. Yes, with his paw—dip and lick, dip and lick.

Some kind souls put out chill-houses for neighborhood (or their own) cats—igloo-like houses designed to keep the cats cooler in the hot weather. Purchase an insulated house for your cats (indoors or out) or add pans of ice to the cubbies in the cat tree or cat house.

You can invest in a cooling mat for your cats. Some will use it, some will not—that’s the nature of the feline.

If you fear that your older cat or any cat is suffering in the heat, consider wrapping her in a damp towel to help bring down her temp.

If you have additional tips for keeping a cat cool this time of year, we’d love for you to share.


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