Paws Up For Wednesday — Winn Foundation Becomes EveryCat

You’ve probably heard of the Winn Foundation, but did you know that the work they’ve done over the last half century may have helped keep your cat healthy and give her longevity that may not have been possible in years past.

Look it up, cats lifespan 50 years ago was around ten years, now it is fifteen to eighteen, depending on the expert you quote. We know that cats kept indoors generally outlive those who wander. That statistic can be attributed to less stress for the indoor cat and more consistent care. But did you know there are foundations, such as the Winn Foundation (now EveryCat), that are watching our cats’ back. The major contributions of this organization involve the research they promoted toward creating a vaccine for feline leukemia. I don’t know if you ever lost a cat to this highly contagious disease, but I did—when I bought a beautiful Persian kitten from a breeder.  FIP (Feline Infectious Peritonitis) is another disease this foundation has helped control.

Their motto and promise is to improve the health of all cats. Thank you, Winn Foundation/EveryCat Foundation.

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