Meowy Monday – National Cat Lady Day

Do you shrink away from the term “Crazy Cat Lady?” To you does this term denote a spinster with more cats than she can care for? Well, not anymore. I wear my Crazy Cat Lady tee shirt with pride. I even belong to an organization called Cat Writers Association and I will wear cat-print clothes and cat ears to the conferences. From the outside, you’d think these conferences were Crazy Cat Lady conferences, and you may be half right.

However, some of our members are men and we have veterinarians, cat behaviorists, cat rescuers, well-known authors, experts who work with cats and/or write about them in major journals and other publications, and others who take cats and their care and well-being seriously.

Tomorrow is National Cat Lady Day. If you love cats, speak to your cats, sleep with them, smile when you see a cat when you are out and about, can’t resist melting when you see a kitten, take your cat to the beach, tell your cat goodbye when you leave the house, post pictures of your cats on the Internet and/or are just an all-around cat enthusiast, you might fit the honored title of Cat Lady—or if you prefer, A-Little-Bit-Crazy-Cat-Lady. Wear the badge proudly.


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