Feline Fun Friday – Cats as Eye-Witnesses

As many of you know Rags, the cat in my Klepto Cat Mystery series, often works with the local sheriff’s department on interesting and messy cases. He discovers clues, he has instincts that help authorities home in on the right crook or criminal, he assists in detaining lawbreakers, and he has served as a witness to a crime. Fascinating concept, right? And it’s fun to imagine.

Well, it’s not so farfetched. Here’s an article featuring five animals that served as witnesses in crimes. Interesting stuff. And there’s a lesson to be learned here: If you do a crime, be sure there isn’t a cat around or a talking parrot.


If you haven’t read one of my Klepto Cat Mysteries or Calico Cat Mysteries, and if you enjoy stories where the cat prevails in some uncanny, entertaining, and surprising ways, order one or more of them today. You may never look at your cat in the same way again.


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