Paws Up for Wednesday – Why Are Cats So Suspicious?

Have you ever wondered why your cats are so suspicious? They sneak up on things—even toys they’re familiar with. They sniff their food and treats before eating it as if they suspect you’ve laced it with poison or something. They stalk a piece of new furniture or a package delivered by Amazon or a bag of groceries as if it’s going to transition into an enemy monster. And boy does a cat become suspicious of you when you seek her out for some reason. You might want to simply pet her, but she seems to fear the worst—a trip to the vet, a bath????

Although cats have been domesticated for around 10,000 years, they still carry their wild ways with them—they seem to not fully trust us—at least not all the time. Many of us are now rescuing cats that may be one or more generations feral, and trust can be an issue for them. Sure, Olivia and Sophie (both rescues) will curl up on my lap and purr contentedly as if they don’t have a care of a fear in the world. But let there be a small earth trembler, a rumble of thunder, or the doorbell rings and they become their ancestors—feeling a sudden rush of deep embedded fear.

Cats are also curious. What may appear to be a suspicious streak in a cat might actually be the cat acting on his inbred curiosity, in a bit of a suspicious way. But beware. While she’s sneaking up on something or carefully and cautiously examining something, if the item were to fall or something leaps out at her or she hears a loud noise behind her, she’s apt to jump straight up in the air, bolt, and hide out somewhere safe for hours. Your best course of action—get out of the way and leave her alone.

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