Paws Up for Wednesday – Other-Abled Cats

My grandson and his wife just adopted the sweetest kitten. He’s an ordinary grey kitten. There’s nothing really special about him, until you get to know his sweet purr-sonality and until you know the rest of his story.

Rip, named for the strong character in the series, Yellowstone, was apparently horribly abused. When he was found, presumably seconds after he was possibly dumped at a pumpkin patch, he was missing his two front paws and bleeding profusely. They figured he was about four-weeks old then. A kind-hearted woman took him in, worked for weeks with veterinarians to save his life and try to give him a chance at a normal life. They succeeded and Rip is a healthy, happy, precious kitten living in a loving home, with a loving great-grandmother (me) living across the street. As you can see in the pictures, he does now live without his two front paws. And he manages life meowvelously.

Animals are incredibly resilient, it seems, and can overcome a many different kinds of issues and challenges. Those kind souls who rescue cats are so very aware of this truth. We’ve all known and/or read about cats that survive and thrive although blind or deaf or missing limbs or a tail they once depended on for balance and communication. Some of them can still hunt and all of them are still capable of loving and being loved. I can tell you that Rip sure seems to be a trusting, playful, brave little soul who is loved to the moon and back.

Do you have a story of an equally wonderful other-abled cat?

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8 Responses to Paws Up for Wednesday – Other-Abled Cats

  1. Penny Vogel says:


  2. Pearl Hilden says:

    It breaks my heart that the sweet little guy had to endure such pain and abuse, but so very happy he is now in a loving home with a loving great grandmom.

    • Patricia says:

      Thank you for your caring thoughts for Rip and our family. I ordered a DNA report for Rip just for fun and because he’s a little unusual and what a HUGE personality. Got it back today. He’s Western and has a lot of Maine coon and Ragdoll in him, which we kind of expected. But a tendency toward periodontal disease. I guess Nana needs to gift him with a toothbrush.


  3. Jo Marsh says:

    Many thanks to your grandson and his wife for giving Rip a good home and for loving him.
    It is wonderful to read your stories, Patricia. I knew you as Patty when we played softball together in Ojai. You knew me as Penny!
    Thank you for sharing your Catscapades.

  4. Mary McNeil says:

    What a great kitty ! Kudos to all wo helped him and to your “Grands” who adopted him

  5. Nettie says:

    It never ceases to amaze me what some people are capable of! The evil that was done to Rip has luckily been balanced by the good of the woman who rescued him, plus your wonderful family in his furrever home. Thanks to all who have made his life a joy now.

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