Meowy Monday – Welcome to the Whitehouse, Willow

Willow, the White House's newest resident, in a photo shared online by Jill BidenAs you probably know by now, there’s a new cat in the White House and she’s not pedigreed or even registered. She’s only two, so she must have been a kitten when Jill Biden first met her during a campaign stop. As the story goes, the grey-and-white striped cat jumped onto the stage with her and evidently made quite an impression.

What took so long from that day for the cat to come to the White House? The public was being told a cat was “waiting in the wings.” That she was being fostered. My guess is that she was being groomed to behave properly and to be comfortable around people. Can you imagine some of the cats you’ve adopted being suddenly dropped into a zoo like must go on in the White House at times?

For some of the cats I’ve had and probably the two I have now, there would be no posing or relaxed demeanor around a bunch of strangers and a lot of eager camera-people. Having said that, Willow must have been a calm and relaxed kitten if she entered a packed hall of people and jumped up onto the stage amidst a probably noisy rally.

Well, I, for one, am happy to see that the White House is home to a cat again. And I enjoyed reading this story about Willow and how she came to be the First Cat. Way to go, Willow.

Cute story

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