Paws Up For Wednesday – Your Cat-Obsession Bucket List

Are there cat-related things you’d like to do that you haven’t yet done—especially since you’ve been sidelined from doing much of anything these past few years? What cat activities are on your bucket list? Would you like to visit the big cats on an African safari, own or breed a specific type of cat, get involved in rescuing cats from the street, become a veterinarian, see Cats the play (for the first or the tenth time)?

I’ve done a lot of cat-related things and I’ve had a lot of experiences with cats. High on my memory list is writing the Calico Cat and Klepto Cat Mysteries featuring cats. I’ve photographed a Pallas cat in the Denver Zoo from inside his pen, visited a great cat

sanctuary in the California desert, fostered kittens (on a small scale), I’ve seen Cats the play and the movie—enjoyable, I’ve done a lot of fiction and nonfiction reading about cats (I particularly enjoyed Painting With Cats), I’ve visited many cat shows—delightful—and many cat shelters. I’ve slept in a room with a Savannah (cat) kitten, I’ve visited several cat cafés in various cities and a restaurant in the mountains where cats roam free while you eat. I just missed once meeting the mayor of a city in Alaska—a cat, I’ve rescued cats, and I’ve known many delightful/wonderful cats. I have some great cat artwork—some of them originals, and I’ve done a lot of cat photography. I’ve dressed up like a cat, attended several conferences of the Cat Writers Association and workshops related to cats.

But there’s at least one thing I haven’t done and I would delight in doing it. I’d love to ride the cat train in Japan. Here’s a link to this delightful activity And you’ll notice that the stationmaster is a calico. She’s so cute with her conductor hat on.

While researching this morning I found where there’s a new cat preserve in Siberia just for the not-very-well-known Pallas cat. Oooo—oooo, I want to see that, too! If you haven’t met a Pallas cat, which is highly likely, here’s a story that will melt your heart—a very unusual story when it comes to Pallas cats. Don’t miss this story of rescuing a Pallas cat kitten. It’s beautiful and she is beyond adorable.

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