Mindful Monday – Book Readers Versus Reviewers

I received a couple of reviews for my cozy mysteries in the last few months—book reviews by book reviewers who were unfamiliar with my books. Both of them said the same thing. There were a lot of things they liked about my books, but they complained that there were too many side stories. They said I should focus on the main mystery and eliminate the little tributaries I take my readers on.

Well, that’s not the way I roll. I thought about their comments as I always do reader’s or critic’s comments and I pretty much decided that after 57 cozy mysteries I didn’t think I’d change my style. HOWEVER, I felt it was important to check in with the critics that really matter—my readers.

So I polled them on facebook and received dozens of responses. Every single reader said they disagree with the reviewers. They love the side stories—it makes the books richer, helps to develop the characters, give the cats more to do, and the side stories are just fun.

I may be skirting some “rules” in the way I approach the Klepto Cat Mysteries and the Calico Cat Mysteries, but it appears to be one of those instances where if it ain’t broke—well, you know…

I’d like to thank those of you who chimed in on this issue and all of you who read and enjoy reading about Rags and Olivia.

For those of you who haven’t cracked open one of my books (and don’t feel bad, two of my daughters haven’t read one yet), I suggest you start with Book One in your choice of the series. That would be Catnapped, in the Klepto Cat Mysteries or Oh! Olivia in the Calico Cat Mysteries.


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  1. I love the side stories! I’m behind on my reading, but the books I’ve read I enjoyed just the way they are.

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