Thoughts for Thursday – Cats Doing Un-catlike Things

This is another favorite photo topic of mine. Here, you’ll see I caught a rare picture of Smokey (aka Rags) climbing a ladder and who has ever seen a cat with a lettuce leaf? I’ve shared a photo of Olivia with a big lettuce leaf a few times, lately. (Although I did see on

facebook the other night a dog made out of lettuce leaves. One has to ask, why?)

I also enjoy photographing cats with interesting or relatable objects, like our neighbor cat, Mollie, sitting with the giant cement dog in their yard, the one of Lily staring up at the porcelain cat where I store the brush for our porcelain commode, Lily writing with a pen and this one of my daughter’s cat helping her clean her stove. Fun stuff.

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2 Responses to Thoughts for Thursday – Cats Doing Un-catlike Things

  1. Nettie says:

    Where in the world did you find a porcelain cat that will hold a commode brush? That I would love to shop for! (I realize you might not want to publish the picture, depending on what else is in your bathroom). You seem to find or receive the neatest & wildest cat-based objects!

    • Patricia says:

      It was a gift as are MANY of may cat-related items around here. I have a great photo of Lily looking very seriously up at that cat, but darned if I could find it to share with that post. I’ll try to slip it into another post soon.

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