Thoughts for Thursday – Fave Klepto and Calico Cat Mysteries

Rags and his supporting human characters in the Klepto Cat Mystery series have fans. Readers adore my cozy mysteries. They’ve especially enjoyed losing themselves in these stories during the last nearly two years. Some readers have absolutely become hooked. Now they’re also reading the Calico Cat Mysteries. I sometimes wonder which stories have the most impact. What are readers’ favorites among these books?

It appears it depends on the reader. Some are fascinated by the adventures in some of the stories—they crave that sense of adventure. Others prefer to curl up with the sweet and tender stories such as the three holiday-themed books in the Klepto Cat series.

I have readers who love horses, so they enjoy the stories involving Peaches, Rags best equine friend. Some get a kick out of the ghostly stories I write. Everyone seems to appreciate the mood and tone of the stories and the fact that the main characters are real and kind and just good people. Of course I include a stinker of a person occasionally to spice things up and I have to say some of the cranky characters are fun to create.

Which ones are your favorite Klepto or Calico Cat Mysteries?

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