Newsday Tuesday — Black Cat Appreciation Day

Black Cat Appreciation Day was established in 2011 to help bring attention to the many beautiful black cats that are overlooked by those seeking to adopt from a shelter or purchase from a breeder. It’s true, black cats are the most overlooked cats in shelters. However, I know people who adopt almost only black cats—who go out of their way to take in black cats. No they aren’t witches, they’re just doing what they can to protect and save some of the least admired cats. If they’re going to rescue a cat, they’ll rescue the underdog—um…er…undercat. Some of those who appreciate the black cat don’t really need another cat and aren’t in the market for one, but will rescue one that’s in danger of being euthanized.

Here’s a site with interesting information about the black cat. For example, there are 22 breeds of cat that include pure black cats. I have a grandcat who is a munchkin and he is pure black and absolutely beautiful. Such a sweet boy. Love him to pieces. Black cats also appear in the British shorthair breed, American shorthair, Maine coon, Bombay, the Rexes, and Persians.

While in former centuries black cats got a bad rap—they were thought to be evil and related to witchcraft–other groups of people considered them good luck. Fishermen and sailors liked having a black cat aboard for luck (and to keep the rat population down). In Japan—sort of the cat capital of the world—there’s at least one cat café devoted to the black cat. Learn more interesting facts about the black cat and Black Cat Appreciation Day here:

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  1. Pearl T Hilden says:

    One of our earliest cats was a black cat who was the lone survivor of a feral litter that was born in our atrium. We now have a black cat named Hagel who visits us daily from across the street. He loves to be stroked and loved and waits to eat his treat until I’ve said a safety prayer over him. When I say “Amen,” he starts to dive into his bowl.

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