Frivolous Friday – Olivia is Making Friends

The year-long isolation is over. We can now invite vaccinated friends and family into the house. We had to wait until she was a year old, but we can now start socializing Olivia.

Oh we had people come to the door and view Olivia through window screens in 2020. One of her favorite things to do is people-watch. Every evening she sits on her window perch and watches and listens to the people walking by, neighbors puttering in their yards and visiting over the fence. She hears a car drive up and she’s eager to see who emerges and where they go. But she’s still a little on guard when someone comes into the house.

Let my twin great-grandbabies come to play and Olivia disappears, but if adults visit or older children, she is very curious. She’ll come into the living room and lay a distance away and watch and listen. Make a move and she stiffens, but she doesn’t leave. She’s too curious. I’ll hand the visitor a wand toy and often they can lure Olivia closer and Olivia will play, but make a move toward her and she retreats. She has allowed strangers to pet her a couple of times. We’re making progress. I’m hoping for her to become more relaxed around people and I think we’ll get there. It is just going to take time.

She has animal friends that she watches through the windows. She’ll run from window to window to follow a neighborhood cat around the yard. She adores watching birds at the feeder or nibbling on the cactus apples. And the squirrels delight her.

We’re sad that Olivia was born in the midst of a pandemic, but we’re awfully thankful that she has learned to trust us and that she loves her snuggle-cuddle times. She has a lot of admirers and fans. When people meet her they say, “I just want to run my hands through all that fur.” And I believe that Olivia will get to the point where she’ll become that friendly with other people. Just don’t touch her tummy. Yes, she does have her boundaries.

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