Newsday Tuesday – How Has the Pandemic Changed Your Pets?

There have been many reports throughout the last year and a half about the effect of the pandemic on our household pets. Can they catch and spread COVID? Should you touch your cat or dog if you have COVID? Have our pets been confused by the changes during the pandemic? Of course they have.

Cats, in particular don’t adjust well to change. Even a positive change will sometimes knock a cat off kilter. One positive result of this worldwide situation is that more animals have been adopted. However, now there are reports of cats and dogs being returned to shelters.

But it isn’t just shelter animals that have been affected. Those pets who have been in their home for years may have been subjected to changes. Suddenly their people are home more often. There may be new demands and rules to follow. Some cats and dogs have been fed more often and given more treats. Veterinarians are now saying that they’ve treated a lot of overweight pets in recent months.

Studies show that many cats and dogs became more affectionate during lock-down. One study says that the changes during 2020 in their cats were mostly positive, but the changes in their dogs were mostly negative.

Pet owners are reporting that their pets are more energetic and playful—maybe because they were so happy to have company. They’ve sure been a comfort to those of us who took the isolation year seriously. And countless pet owners and their pets are still enjoying togetherness as they continue to work or hang out at home.

If you’d like to read the details of one report related to studies conducted on cats and dogs during the year of lock-down, here’s the link. Of course, there are many opinions and reports being presented from many different points of view. This is just one.

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