Wild (and Sometimes Crazy) Wednesday – Your Cat’s Signature Move

As we discussed recently in a post, all cats come with unique and charming traits and may develop some interesting habits. I’ve known dozens of cats—each with something different about them. You probably have, too.

I’ve shared a lot here about Olivia. She almost always crosses her paws when she lays down, no matter what position she’s laying in. I don’t remember ever having a cat that crossed her paws like Olivia does. She also does this paw-waving thing before she jumps up into my lap. It’s almost like a greeting or she’s trying to pet me. I don’t know what it means, but it’s charming as all get out.

All cats stretch after a nap or a stint at the window or a frolicking playtime. We could learn from them–stretching is good for bodies. Olivia has a magnificent stretch that she does where she stretches out her front paws and arches her magnificent tail across her back. Love seeing her do that, but I haven’t been quick enough to get a good photo of her doing that. That’s another thing, cats are good at sneaking in one of their cute moves when we aren’t prepared with a camera.

Sophie, our tortie, is a shredder. She used to run into my office when she heard the fax machine, snatch the paper and shred it. She still likes to shred paper and make a “nest” out of it to lay in. Sophie waits every morning for a sun puddle to appear and she curls up in it.

Our sweet tabby Lily used to bring me her toys—all the time, every day, she’d bring toys to me or just decorate the room with them. She also played at my feet while I worked at the computer. She loved to bat a toy mouse around the wheels of my office chair and my feet.

My Himalayan, Katy, wasn’t a lap-sitter, but she loved being close. She’d sleep on my pillow and she’d hang out near me, always with a paw on my leg or my arm. Always touching. Katy would also put me to bed at night.

Max, our snowshoe type cat who appeared in our yard with his mother as a kitten waited excitedly each night around bedtime for a lively game of catch. He had a ball that he could get his claws into and he’d catch the ball when I tossed it, and he’d throw it back to me. How Max loved that game and he became quite good at it, too.

I’d love it if you’d share some of your cats’ interesting and quirky habits and traits.

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  1. Kathy says:

    My lilbit used to wake me up every morning. She would tap my face with her paw and if I didn’t respond she would poke me with a claw if that didn’t work she would kiss my cheek if that didn’t work she would bite my nose. She wanted her breakfast. I had her for almost 21years I sure miss her.

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