Frivolous Friday—National Hug Your Cat Day

This is national hug your cat day. No one knows who came up with the idea, but you can bet it was someone like you and me—a person who loves to snuggle and cuddle with a cat—any cat. But why that person thought we needed a special day for hugging or that we needed to be reminded to hug our cat is a puzzle.

Of course, there are cats that don’t want to be hugged. Probably all cats are particular about who hugs them and when and how it’s done. Most people with cats are aware that cat hugs aren’t always available. In fact, writer, Kate Bratskeir wrote a piece for the HuffPost in 2015 teaching us how to hug our cats. I don’t know why, but I guess the article needed to be updated by 2017—what do you suppose changed about cats and hugging during those two years?

Ms. Bratskeir shows a variety of hugs you can try with your cat. Maybe you’re familiar with some of them—the backstroke, the French Reception, the I-need-you-right-meow shimmy, the Interspecies snuggle party squeeze, linger hug, bug hug. Oh cat fans, this article is so much fun. It’s interspersed with videos, cats, kids, and even kittens Enjoy



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