Wild (and Sometimes Crazy) Wednesday – National Hairball Awareness Day

Sorry dear readers, but I guess we missed this important day. I had it written down on my calendar as being June 4, when in reality it was back in April. Why do we need an awareness day to celebrate those slimy wads of fur the cat urfs up on our carpets every once in a while? Aren’t you curious to know more about why cats do this?

Here’s something that maybe you didn’t know—cats aren’t the only animals that hack up hairballs. All grooming animals do so—including rabbits, llamas, and cattle. And the hairball itself isn’t just a hairball. It has a technical name: trichobezoar. There you go.


You’re ready for the next trivia contest in your neighborhood.

What’s normal for a cat? One veterinarian says no more than two hairballs per year. More could indicate a problem. Some cats do not regurgitate hairballs—their system just passes swallowed fur through the system and into the litterbox.

There are ways to prevent hairballs—more frequent brushing, offering a regular petroleum-based treat, making sure cat is drinking enough water (an interesting fountain can help with this), and some cat foods are designed to improve skin and fur, thus reduce shedding. Also an active cat is less likely to groom out of boredom. Your busy furball is less likely to hack up those icky hairballs. For more information check out: https://www.petmd.com/cat/grooming/evr_ct_cat_hairballs

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