Mindful Monday – The Way of the Cat

We love our cats, admire them, baby them, become frustrated with them, and sometimes don’t understand them at all. But if we pay attention, there’s actually a lot we can learn from our cats. Even the things they do that we perceive as naughty or destructive or downright exasperating, are often simply the way of the cat—things that make the cat so interesting and endearing. Mimic some of the cats’ natural abilities and activities, and who knows how far you could soar in your career or craft or just in the way you live life.

  • Can you imagine having the focus and patience of a cat when you’re facing a challenging project?
  • The world could be yours if you could adopt the cats’ way of persuasion.
  • And when it comes to taking care of oneself, the cat is king (or queen). On those days when you need me time, just follow the cats’ lead. Find the perfect place to hide until you’re ready to be found and respond to no one and nothing.
  • When you want to win an argument or simply get your way, borrow some of the cat’s charming ploys, and you could certainly become a winner. Cats show us how to claim what’s not theirs and get away with it—not by force, but by their coy and cunning ploys.
  • When you’ve come to the end of the road on a project or a challenge, think of the way your cat would handle things—yeah, she wouldn’t quit. She’d examine the situation from angles you might not even think of and find a way to success.

Just imagine the person you could be if you followed the cat’s way.

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