Wild (and Sometimes Crazy) Wednesday – Cats in the Wrong Place

Speaking of outdoor cats, as we were on Monday, how many times have you sprinkled your own outdoor cat or a neighbor’s cat while watering the plants in your yard. Oh, the look you get—like “you meant to do that.” No matter how profusely you apologize, the cat does not seem to forgive. Perhaps it’s because of your unintentional, but unstoppable snicker upon seeing the cat’s indignant “How could you do that to me” stare as he retreats back into his own yard.

Cats also climb onto and even into cars. We’ve all found muddy paw prints on our cars. But have you ever been driving someplace and suddenly see a cat appear at your shoulder. Yikes.

Cats can also (and sometimes do) crawl into an engine compartment and are harmed or worse when you start the car.

Cats have been known to travel long distances never intending to or knowing that it is happening as they’re caught inside a car or truck—even, on occasion, an airplane or in a box that’s been shipped across country.

Cats have many harrowing stories to tell. Since they can’t actually tell what happened between the time they climbed into that box or that car engine, for example, and they arrived at their destination, we do our best to speak for them.  Only it’s the details in between the here and there that are missing. What a different and interesting world it would be if cats could say more than MEOW.


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