Catnapped now in PRINT

The cat that inspired the book

The cat that inspired the book

Catnapped, the first in the Klepto Cat Mystery series, is now in print. Currently, the print and the Kindle versions are available only at For those of you in Ventura County, you’ll also soon find it in your library system. It may be available at a few pet stores and feed stores. And watch for it to appear on the shelves at Made in Ojai soon.

Here’s the storyline for Catnapped—a cozy mystery with cats.

When Savannah Jordan agrees to help her Aunt Margaret while she recovers from a broken foot, she doesn’t expect to walk into a mystery, become part of a not-quite-legal surveillance team, be kidnapped by a deranged stranger and meet a steaming hot veterinarian.

Beloved neighborhood cats are missing—the community can only guess at their fate—and Aunt Margaret’s life is being threatened. Is it because she has a clue to the missing cats or is it something more sinister? Of course, as in all of the Klepto Cat Mysteries, Rags, an ordinary cat with a most unusual habit, has a paw in saving the day.momsmokeyxmas2013-006

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