Mindful Monday – Cats Decorate My World

Some of us have cat decorations—cats made of ceramic, macramé, yarn, metal, beans, cardboard, clay, and that are painted on glass, canvas, cloth…but also real life cats that we can cuddle and play with. I love having a cat in the house and sharing my everyday activities with them, such as making the bed, cleaning out a closet, dusting, cooking—you know, hanging out with me in my office or kitchen or living room, etc. But I also enjoy seeing the cats that decorate the world outside—when I putter in the yard, look out my windows, and take my daily walk.

Have you noticed the cats that roam your neighborhood and the neighborhoods you visit? Do you smile watching a black and white cat wait patiently for a gopher to emerge from a hole in a dandelion or mustard field? Do you stop and watch as a cat preens himself in a sun chard shining through a canopy of trees? Will you pause to observe a couple of cats at play on a porch or around an abandoned swing set or jalopy? How about when you see a cat staring out a window—just hanging out on a window sill or on the back of a sofa inside as you walk by. A favorite vision for me is seeing a child sitting quietly with a cat or a kitten—just being in the moment with a cat—one of my favorite places to be—in the moment with a cat.



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