Thoughts for Thursday –Olivia All Grown Up

She was the runt, they say. I wonder how big her siblings are because she shows some of her Maine coon heritage in her stature and size. At almost one year, Olivia weighs just shy of twelve pounds. And she continues to entertain and teach.

Unfortunately, she’s not well socialized outside of our household because of the isolation we’ve all experienced this past year. She has met people through the windows and the screen doors. She’s very interested in watching people at a distance—neighbors out the windows, people and dogs walking by… But she’s timid and seems frightened if a stranger tries to engage her.

She’s not a great eater. Food doesn’t mean much to her. She often does a Captain Pierce kind of thing with her food. (M.A.S.H) She smells it, then often walks away—maybe coming back later to eat or she’ll take a bite or two.

Dennis and I have had several cats over our 30 years together and they have all chosen a favorite between us. Either the cat is mine—they hang out with me, curl up in my lap, go to bed with me, engage me in play, bug me for dinner or they spend most of their time with him. Olivia is different. She has special moments with both of us. During the day she hangs out with me in my office, on my lap, next to me on the couch in the evenings, but when I go to bed, she’s all about Dennis. He stays up late and so does she. So we’ve both developed quite an attachment to this beautiful fur being, as you can image.

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