Wild (and Sometimes Crazy) Wednesday – What Has Olivia Brought to the Household?

A bright spot in a rough year.

A delightful distraction.

A source of great joy.

A reason to laugh.

These are some of the things Olivia has brought into our lives. We have never laughed with delight as much as we have since bringing Olivia home. She’s such a character. She plops. She doesn’t lay down, she plops over. I love the way she’ll sometimes get into bed with me at night and plop over onto my face to sleep for a while.

She crosses her paws almost every time she lies down.

She plays fetch. No kidding. Some evenings she’ll bring me her bumpy rubber ball or a worn out stuffed mouse over and over and over for me to throw for her.

She comes into my office almost every day and meows and meows. She’s not a very vocal cat until she wants something—like attention—then she won’t stop meowing. I have to leave my work and toss a ball up and down the hallway for her until she’s ready for her afternoon nap. That’s not a bad thing. I should be getting up and moving around every hour or so anyway. And it’s never a dull activity. Olivia makes everything more fun.

She’s a comic, all right and entertaining. Even when she’s not engaging us, we find ourselves just sitting and watching her play or sleep.

She’s a snuggler. Olivia loves to cuddle, until she doesn’t. And don’t touch her tummy. She often lays on her back, showing off her beautiful fluffy white tummy, but you’d better not touch it or you might walk away bleeding—only a little.

Olivia’s early teen years (6 to twelve months) have been interesting. She has given up some of her kittenish ways, but she keeps us on our toes with new tricks up her paws and, happily, greater demonstrations of affection.

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  1. Pearl T Hilden says:

    I totally enjoyed Olivia’s first appearance in the Klepto Cat mysteries! Can’t wait to read her own adventures. What a delightful young lady.

    BTW, I see you have the same calculator as I do. Our calico, Little Kitty, has also draped herself over mine from time to time.

    Thank you for the continued high adventures with Rags, and now Olivia!

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