Wild (and Sometimes Crazy) Wednesday – Kinky Kitties

Kinky, quirky, silly, fun—whatever your terminology, we all agree that cats can be a little bit crazy. Olivia has brought a lot of laughter to this house with her antics. She gets the zoomies and tears around here like a crazy monkey. She plays fetch. She has this interesting leap where she flips herself around almost in a backward somersault at times. I can’t even begin to imagine what that’s about. It’s quite a unique acrobatic move.

I sometimes devote blog posts to crazy things cats do. Here are some I came across this week.

https://www.meowingtons.com/blogs/lolcats/cat I love this site because it shows cats doing what cats do in video—knocking things off a dresser, for example. At my house it’s pens. I lost more pens when our snowshoe-type cat, Max used to knock them off my desk. They’d either go into the trash bucket and I didn’t know it or they’d land on the tip and ruin the pen. Olivia started that habit, so I adopted a new habit as well. I keep a pen with the top on it on my desk where cats are allowed. I keep my writing pen, lid off, handy on my computer desk, where cats are not allowed. No cat seems interested in pushing the capped pen off the desk. Maybe because they know I rarely use that one. Mom doesn’t get upset when we knock that one off, so why bother?

What about cats getting the zoomies? It’s like a cat gone crazy—oh the energy. The video at this site of a beautiful Persian with this affliction is adorable.

There are a lot of comments at this post I’ve shared—sometimes we learn things from comments. Enjoy.



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