Thoughts for Thursday – The Quirky and Sweet Purrsonality of the Calico Cat

We talked about the calico cat earlier in the week. I find it fascinating that even though calico is not a breed, but a color, and calicos are not related in any sort of gene pool, they still share a reputation for having a quirky, Jekyll and Hyde-type personality.

I’ve had five calico cats over time and all of them have been quirky. They can be ornery, defiant, and oh, so sweet and affectionate—even within the same few minutes. They’re the clowns of the cat world. And don’t count on any sort of consistency in their behavior or temperament.

Cat experts and behaviorists agree that the calico can


be sassy but loving. They are generally independent and stubborn, but barrels of fun and extremely affectionate (on their terms).

Calicos are thought to be brave as heroism has been credited to several over the years.

Sure, the personality traits I’ve mentioned here can be attributed to most cats, but just let me say that the calico (or most calicos) take these cat-like traits to the next level. They are not just stubborn, but obstinate-mulish. A calico isn’t simply independent, she will actually appear to divorce herself from you at times—short periods of time, thank heavens. And while all cats can be sassy, the calico takes her impudence to the next level. Now let’s talk affection. Calicos can be the best snugglers when they want to be. You can’t count on a calico to cuddle or even come near you on any sort of consistent or reliable schedule.

Their intelligence is the pretty bow around their array of traits as they know how to wrap themselves around your little finger and your heart. Yes, the calico is not for everyone. Adopting a calico is sort of akin to taking in a Beagle or a goat. It takes a lot of love and a good sense of humor to bring one into your home.


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  1. I have always heard this, but all the many tri-colors, calicos and tortoiseshells, I’ve lived with and rescued and fostered have been the sweetest, consistently, and also very social, even with strangers. I actually lived with four torties/torbies all at the same time for most of a decade and we all came out of it fine. It’s an interesting idea.

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