Wild (and Sometimes Crazy) Wednesday – It’s All About the Cat

Think about it, when do you get the most attention from your cat? When she wants it, right? I finish my day’s work, maybe take care of a few household chores, and prep for our dinner in the late afternoon and I’m ready for a little kitty-love. Olivia, however, is bouncing around the living room playing with her toys or she’s sound asleep ignoring me completely.

She’s all too eager to curl up on my lap when I’m at the computer wearing my cozy robe in the morning—making it impossible for me to refill my coffee cup or visit the fridge for a snack without disturbing her. Or she is knocking my pens off the desk, scrunching up my written notes, crawling around on the shelves of books, dislodging one now and then.

Do you notice that with your own cats? They want what they want when they want it—heck with your desire to be left alone of to have a cuddly nap-buddy. But isn’t that one of the allures of the cat? Because they show or withhold their affection on a whim—often in direct opposition to your own wishes and desires, this makes it all the most special when she plops down next to you on the sofa or climbs up to pat or rub against your face.

While a cat might seem aloof at times, she makes awfully sure that you appreciate her tidbits of affection by withholding them just enough. Is that their sneaky plan? Well, it works.


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