Thoughts for Thursday –Thanksgiving No-No’s for Cats

Well, you don’t have to worry about Uncle John feeding your kitty turkey bones or something toxic such as a slice of chocolate pie, this year at Thanksgiving. You’re probably doing as we are today and enjoying a uniquely small Thanksgiving. It’s just the two of us this year and the cats, who will get their usual meal without any people food. I learned my lesson about offering bits of food from my plate with Lily. She became the biggest beggar—almost to the point of being annoying. What I’d give to have her paw in my plate today though. Oh well, that was then—this is now and we’re having Thanksgiving alone without interference from Olivia or Sophie.

So what part of a Thanksgiving dinner is toxic or dangerous for a cat? Here’s a site that spells it all out:

You’ll see that gravy isn’t good for cats, nor is the stuffing, ham, or desserts. This site also gives you the go-ahead for sharing certain parts of the Thanksgiving dinner.

Enjoy and Happy Thanksgiving.


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