Frivolous Friday – What Can’t a Cat Do?

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A skateboarding cat? A surfing cat? A hiking cat? A bicycling cat? Is there anything these days that a cat isn’t willing to do? Well, certainly not every cat is interested or cut out for intense sports. Some would rather stay home and crochet. Well, cats do like to help with your sewing or craft projects and puzzles. They’re really good at puzzles and helping with the laundry, cooking, flower arranging, oh, and gift-wrapping.

Rags, the part ragdoll cat in my Klepto Cat Mysteries, is an adventurer. He rides horses, hikes, is a search and rescue cat, and he can behave when taken to a restaurant or to visit someone’s home—well, most of the time he behaves. If a bad guy crosses his path or raises a hand to someone he likes, he might draw a little blood just to put the guy in his place.

Cats testify in court, they donate blood for ailing cat friends or cat strangers, they can alert someone in a medical emergency or a dangerous situation such as fire, and they can function fairly normally after an amputation or even after going blind.

Cats have even been known to parachute out of a plane—not because they wanted to, I’m sure. There’s a story about cats being dropped into remote villages in the UK in crates by parachute in order to help with rodent problems.

Cats have also been used to help run electrical wire through small places and, as I reported last month, cats are known to run for office. What can’t a cat do these days?

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