Frivolous Friday – Here’s Another NEW Klepto Cat Mystery

The print version of Book 47, Meowing in the Moonlight, is ready for you to read and to order for holiday giving. This is the seventh Klepto Cat Mystery to be published in 2020. (You’re welcome.)

(The Kindle version will be along shortly.)

In this story, Rags is summoned to unravel an intense mystery.

Mystery nights at the Garbers’ lake-side mansion are all fun and games until reality sets in. The Garber siblings reveal a true family mystery and they hope Rags can help them resolve it. Their youngest sister is missing and has been for over two decades. When some of her personal belongings appear on their boat dock, everyone wonders, are these clues or a cruel hoax?

With Rags onboard, Savannah, Iris, and Margaret follow a suspicious character across the lake and find themselves in serious danger. Leave it to Rags to orchestrate their rescue, but he refuses to escape without the two cats he’d befriended. The suspense is intense as the truth remains elusive until a forest fairy and an unexpected turn of events expose the swindle and the swindler.


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