Mindful Monday – The Clingy-Needy Cat

Is your cat too clingy? Are you having trouble getting anything done because your cat is constantly underfoot or on your lap or laying on your paperwork or needlework? There might be a reason for that.

Why does a cat become clingy? According to professionals, it could be because of a medical issue or the cat has separation anxiety. It might be breed-related. Some cats are just more cuddly than others. A kitten usually requires a lot of attention because she’s still adapting—getting her bearings in the world. Sometimes the kitten has been moved from her birth place to a shelter, then maybe to a couple of homes before she finds herself in her forever home. She’s insecure and fears that you might disappear in a poof if she closes her eyes, so she keeps her eyes (and her paws) on you.

I’ve had needy kittens and also older cats that suddenly became clingy—my 17-year-old Himalayan, for example. Perhaps she was suffering from a mild case of dementia and needed the extra support and encouragement, or she forgot that she was a bit aloof. If you have a clingy or overly needy cat or kitten, learn more about this here: http://godkitten.com/why-is-my-cat-so-clingy/

According to experts, one thing that can help a clingy cat become more independent and confident is to add more enrichment to his world—make his surroundings more interesting and challenging. Bring in cat trees, tunnels, and toys. Install perches and ladders for the cat. Build or purchase a catio, for example, where he can spend time out of doors expanding his horizons in a safe place.

A newly adopted cat or a young kitten might eventually outgrow the need for your constant attention and presence, so enjoy those sweet moments while you can.

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