Mindful Monday – Celebrating the Cat

International Cat Day was observed Saturday, August 8, this year all over the world with the primary purpose of honoring the 2nd most popular household pet—the cat. Here in America we enjoy and care for over 74 million cats in our homes. Worldwide cat ownership has increased over the years. A whopping 57 percent of households now have cats. And as most of you know, cats are like potato chips, you can’t have just one.

Don’t feel bad if you missed International Cat Day. There are more reasons to celebrate your cats coming up, other than just because they’re adorable, great company, super companions, a health advantage, therapeutic, and they make you laugh. In fact, this is Kitten Adoption Week. And yesterday was National Book Lover’s Day. How does that relate to cats? It does if you read books about cats–such as the Klepto Cat Mysteries, for example.

There are many other days set aside designed to honor the cat throughout the year.  For example, National Cat Health Month, If Pet’s Had Thumbs Day, Happy Mew Year, World Cat Day, National Cat Day, National Black Cat Appreciation Day, and Cuddly Kitten Day (no kidding).

Better yet, simply honor your household of cats and those outside who need a little help every day of the year, like you probably do anyway.


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