Thoughts for Thursday – My Cat Loves Me—She Loves Me Not

Old school thought—that cats are aloof and incapable of caring—has been pretty much thrown out the window as we spend more time with cats over the years and tune into them more. Those of us with cats know the truth. Cats certainly are quite capable of emotion and of showing those emotions.

Even if your cat doesn’t like to be picked up and cradled like a baby or she would rather not snuggle on your lap, if she loves you, she certainly has her ways of showing it. My Himalayan, Katy, while she wasn’t a lap cat, she loved being close to me and almost always rested a paw on me when we were relaxing together.

Lily continually brought me her stuffed toys and my cozy socks. She’d also sit near me and just stare. I’d say, “I love you, too,” because I was certain that’s what she was saying to me.

You probably have many examples of your cat’s demonstration of affection, even if it isn’t traditional. Here are 9 signs that show that your cat loves you.

They include following you around, rubbing against you, kneading, blinking slowly as they stare at you. Read this article and see what you think. I’m sure you can list additional ways your cat demonstrates her love for you.

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