Mindful Monday – The Business of Cat

As you know, there are thousands of businesses focusing on products for and about cats, from fancy foods to designer cat clothing, gigantic jungle gyms, and scads of cat motif items for those of us who adore cats and want to flaunt it.

Today I want to tell you about a new cat business in town. nyxycat.com is an online company that curates unique cat-themed products from around the world. I clicked on the link (below) to get an idea of what type of things they sell and ended up staying for much longer than I’d planned. The products they offer are beyond adorable, fun, creative, and reasonably priced. I’ve already picked out a few things I want to buy as gifts. Visit this fun site. I’m pretty sure you’ll be glad you did. https://nyxycat.com/

In case you’re curious as to the name of their business? Owner, Cameron Clark told me this story: He and the love of his life, Paloma, were dining out when a tabby kitten meandered in and cozied up to them. As Cameron says, “Before the check arrived, we’d devised a scheme to sneak her past the concierge at our airbnb condo…” and they brought her home. They named her Nyx –the Greek Goddess of Night—and ended up calling her Nyxy—thus the name of their business NyxyCat. These are photos of that lucky cat, who seems to have brought the couple luck, Nyxy.

Have you heard of the kittyo? It’s a device that allows you to speak to your cat when you’re out of the home, play with him, and even offer him treats. It would be fun to watch your cat’s reaction when he hears your voice. We had a cat once that would attack the phone when she heard my voice on the answering machine. At least that’s what we think was happening when we’d come home to a message on the phone and the receiver on the floor. Check out the Kittyo here: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/kittyo/kittyo-play-with-your-cat-even-when-youre-not-home

Most of us take a lot of pictures of our cats. My daughters had a pendant made for me with a hand-painted likeness of Lily on it. But how would you like a life-size replica of your cat that you can cuddle. Yup, for a price Cuddle Clones will create for you a plush stuffed replica of your cat. https://cuddleclones.com/

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