Thoughts for Thursday – Hug a Cat Day

Today is National Hug Your Cat Day. Now that’s an easy and pleasant honor to bestow on our cats, isn’t it? But not all cats enjoy a wrap-around, confining hug. Some don’t even like to be picked up or held. Such a shame, especially when the cat has fur that begs to be mussed. But even those cats who are a bit leery of being squished in a hug, will generally welcome a ruffling, a good massage, or a long luxurious petting.

I read the other day that we shouldn’t be kissing our cats during this time of high danger from the virus. Now that’s something I’d protest if it became a law. However, I do sanction keeping your cat to yourself. Don’t allow random people to pet and cuddle your cat. Someone who’s infected could spread the virus without knowing it onto your cat’s fur during a snuggle session with her. Something to think about. And when it comes to other people’s cats, be respectful in this time of the corona virus dangers.

We have a pair of feline siblings who roam the neighborhood and have since they were kittens. I love having those two visit our yard, but I avoid petting them anymore just in case the virus can be spread by any suspicious droplets on their fur.

So whether your cat is a love-bug or aloof, today is a good day to enjoy at least a moment of nuzzling, petting, scratching, or buzzing…whatever you and your cat enjoy together. But if you’re like most humans-with-cat, this is something you and your cat engage in on a daily basis.

Nonetheless, Happy Hug Your Cat Day to you and your cat(s).


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