Wild (and Sometimes Crazy) Wednesday – How Do You Name a Cat?

Sometimes, when we bring a new cat or kitten into the home, we already have a name picked out—a name we heard and held onto in case… Some of us name our cats for their color or markings, Oreo (for a black and white cat), Marmalade, Blanca, Midnight, Snowball, Groucho, Fluffy, Grumpy Cat, etc. Other times it is a real ordeal to find the right name. But there are websites to help you with that decision. Did you know that?

I use these sites to name characters in my stories—both animal and human. There are sites just for cat names, showing the most popular to the most unique and ridiculous. These sites are fun just to look through. https://www.cuteness.com/popular-cat-names or https://www.rover.com/blog/best-cat-names/

What is your most unusual cat name and why did you choose it? Mine was probably Dinah. The long-haired tortie came to us as a teen and she had the same name as one of my resident cats, Katy. She needed a new name, but we couldn’t come up with one. So I decided to let her name herself. I’d throw names at her, but none of them would stick (so to speak). One day when she showed up in the kitchen with me, I broke out in song, “Someone’s in the kitchen with Dinah.” And Dinah became her name.

Some of you will remember that lyric. What I didn’t remember is that it’s not a song in and of itself, it’s part of the song, “I’ve Been Working on the Railroad.” A little trivia for us this morning.

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