Frivolous Friday – How Cats View the Pandemic

You probably see jokes and cartoons and quotes showing cats during the stay-at-home orders and a lot of photographs of cats. I get a kick out of them. There’s one, for example, where two cats are talking to each other from separate apartment windows. One says, “I hate this. My humans have taken over the couch.”

The other cat says, “Tell me about it, I have to sleep in my own bed now.”

Do you think your cats are confused? Displeased? Happy? Or are they just going with the flow? Are you taking more photos of your cat? I seem to be. Maybe that’s because their behavior is a little different. Our cats are climbing into or onto places where they don’t normally get. They seem more needy—maybe they’re just trying to say, “Get off the sofa!” They’re more affectionate, especially when I’m on the sofa. I do notice that when I get up, one of them will take my spot.

Here’s a site with pictures of cats in isolation with their humans. I was entertained–thought you might be, too.

And if you’d like a little daily kitten love, here’s a live—real-time video of a mother cat and her kittens in a shelter. They have the run of what appears to be a great kitty-cat playroom. Bored? Tune into these kittens once in a while throughout your day of cooking, eating, watching the birds, watching TV, watching the neighbors, eating, napping, etc…They’re even cute to watch when they’re sleeping.



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