Frivolous Friday – Where to Find Much Needed Smiles

It’s not easy, when you’re an adult, to be told what to do. We’re getting cabin fever and we miss our friends and family. This world event is upsetting everyone’s apple cart. Small businesses are suffering, we can’t see our dentist or our hair dresser. It’s reported that some stars are even letting the grey show through. What’s their alternative?

We’re not getting the usual workouts we’reused to—at the gym, pool, tennis courts, for example. It’s a time of new thought—we have to think before we touch, shake hands, greet a dear friend or even pet someone else’s dog or cat.

It seems that there’s a lot of loss, that’s why I suggest seeking out the positive. For me that means relishing in the creativity I insert into each day. Coming up with an interesting and tasty meal using what happens to be in the cupboards and freezer, sharing a bit of cheer and hope with a family member or friend via text, email, or a phone call.

I’m a card-sender. I love to stock up on greeting cards and send them out for birthdays and other occasions. Since I’m unable to shop for cards at this time in person, I’m considering creating cards and coming up with interesting quotes of my own or from online sources to send. Cards of pure cheer would be highly appreciated in these otherwise dismal times.

But another thing I do to raise my spirits is to stop off at a webcam for a visit with kittens or another animal I adore. I’ve stopped watching the eagle nests on webcam—it seems some of them are having rough times lately—unrelated to the virus, of course. I won’t go into what I know and have observed recently with my favorite eagle nests. No, I found a kitten rescue site with 3 of the most adorable kittens who often frolic across the screen and tumble and—oh my gosh, they’re so cute. They make me smile and I thought maybe you’d like to experience a smile that will take you away from the worries of the day. Here’s the link: This is one of many web cams. From this site you’ll see dozens more webcams offering a peek into the life of a variety of other animals and birds. Want a smile? You owe it to yourself.



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