Newsday Tuesday – Corona Virus Found in a Cat

This is a post I hoped I would not have to write. But we should all be informed. Yes, it appears that a cat in Belgium has been found to have Corona Virus. Here’s the article, in case you’d like to read it.

So what does this mean to us? How should we react? Is it a fluke or something to be concerned about? No one knows. However, professionals are suggesting that if you or someone in your home becomes infected, keep them separated from the household pets—just in case.

Not an easy task, I know. My cats are all over me when I’m sick, probably wondering why their meals are sometimes delayed—wanting to make sure I’m still breathing. They sure don’t relish the idea of missing a meal. Oh yes, and they do love the blanket I use when I’m vegetating on the couch. Cats aren’t stupid, they probably aren’t very sympathetic either, even though we like to think they love us unconditionally. Turn the cat-feeding duties over to someone else and you’ll find out just how much they love you.

Actually, I wrote the foregoing rather tongue-in-cheek. I saw Smokey’s reaction to my mother’s death. (Smokey is the pattern for Rags in my Klepto Cat Mysteries.) He visibly mourned in his own way. Although he was receptive to those who continued caring for him. He’s a social and friendly and forgiving cat. You’ve read the story of the transition of guardianship for Smokey. It went relatively smoothly, but Smokey’s reaction when a table from Mama’s house was delivered to his new residence was telling. He’d been with my niece and her family for several weeks by then. But when he caught scent or maybe when he saw the table, he began to rub against the table legs. He jumped on top of it and rolled around as if in ecstasy. And that became his favorite place to be—on the tabletop. I believe he remembered that table and Mama and his former life with joy.

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