Wild (and Sometimes Crazy) Wednesday – Pretty as a Picture

Do you get the idea that your cat considers photography a game? You point the camera at her and she either closes her eyes or runs into the other room. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve caught the cats doing something so clever or cute that I must have a picture. I run to retrieve my phone or camera only to return to find the cats gone or doing something entirely different—like personal grooming. Definitely not photo-worthy.

Cats are experts at ruining a great shot. How many “blur of fur” photos have you taken of your cat? I have pictures of a tail, the back of a kitty head, even blank space where a cat, only moments before, sat looking beautiful, silly, or impish…

While cats seem to love posing for us, they don’t appreciate that darned thing you aim at them. Or so it seems. They like to see your bare face, not your face in their face hiding behind a rectangular or, heaven forbid, a bulky black pointy thing that goes clickity-clickity.

What do cats appreciate? Having their space, peace, being able to roll around in a sun puddle without being noticed. Cats adore attention, but only on their terms.

As I’ve written before, a good way to get nice shots of your cats is to secretly set up some props—preferably behind closed doors Assemble things they aren’t used to seeing and that would be a curiosity to them. When the doors open, the cats will most likely enter and begin examining whatever’s new in the room. It may be a bouquet of flowers, a display of stuffed teddy bears, a wagon, basket, or old typewriter. Whatever it is the cats will surely express an interest. Watch and wait and you’re bound to get your shot.

As for those candid shots you want so badly of your cats snuggling together, of one of them staring into the TV at a commercial with cats, of her straddling the grandchildren’s toy pony, etc., good luck with that.

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