Mindful Monday — Are Your Cats a Tax Advantage?

Among other things it’s tax season. If you’ve had an expensive year with your cats you may wish their care and that medical procedure, vaccines, special food, and boarding/pet sitter were deductible. Believe it or not there are tax breaks for some cat people in certain situations. For example, if you use cats in your business—you breed them, show them, use them as ratters in your warehouse, or foster cats, some of your expenses might be tax deductible. If you must or you choose to move because of your job, some of the moving expenses involving your pets might also be deductible. And you can deduct a percentage of donations to animal-related charities or services. I think you all know that I know beans about taxes, but here’s a site with the particulars presented by people who do know. https://www.catster.com/lifestyle/5-ways-cats-tax-breaks

While we’re on the subject of donations, there are many organizations set up to care for abandoned and unwanted cats. This might be a good time to learn about those in your area and choose one or two or more to help out with food, toys, cat beds, etc. or cash. Most of them operate on donations. This year I gave items and cash to three animal-related causes—well, four if you count the Ojai Land Conservancy which manages land that’s home for many wild animals and birds of all kinds. You probably know of local cat sanctuaries. To learn of others use key words such as, “cat rescue+your city/state.” Make a difference for the cats in need. Make this the year you foster cats or join a team that manages a feral cat colony. It will do a cat and your heart good.

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