Thoughts for Thursday – What’s Happening in the Klepto Cat Mystery Factory

After being sick for three weeks and slow-moving and creaky for another several days, we’re behind here in the Klepto Cat Mystery Factory. Cats of a Feather—Book 41 came out almost two months ago. Prior to this we were producing books every four to six weeks.

So where are we in the process of publishing Book 42? Is there a Book 42 in the works? How is that possible? Well, if I hadn’t become sick, you might have already read Book 42. The reality is that, barring any further illness or family crises or major business shutdowns, Book 42 should be in your hands by the week of Easter Sunday. I have to get it to my editor before her shoulder surgery. With the last book we worked around my cover designer’s hip surgery.

Things happen. And we’re doing our best to continue bringing you easy-reading, light-hearted, fun mysteries for your reading pleasure. Thank you for your patience and your lovely words of support and caring during my bout with that nasty flu. No, it wasn’t the Corona Virus, but another nasty flu that many have had this year. Like all of you, I’m doing my best to dodge that nightmare.

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  1. Kathy says:

    You take care of yourself us readers will be here when the book is ready we want you well and writing many more books so if we need to wait for this one it’s ok.

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